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Scrambled eggs with chives (3 pcs) 77 CZK
Scrambled eggs with ham / bacon (3 pcs) 79 CZK
Scrambled eggs with parmesan (3 pcs) 89 CZK
Ham and eggs (3 pcs) 79 CZK
Delicious sausages with horseradish and mustard (3 pcs) 84 CZK
Omelette with cheese and ham 84 CZK
Fruit salad ( banana,apple,orange) 74 CZK
Bio yogurt with honey and nuts 74 CZK
English breakfast (egg, Vienna sausages, beans with bacon, 2 toasts) 152 CZK
French breakfast (croissant, bread, butter, jam and cappuccino) 117 CZK
Farm breakfast ( Ham, bio cottage cheese with chives, breads and 0,2 orange juice) 124 CZK
Breakfest menu (omelette with cheese and ham, butter,k bread) and 0.2 l apple juice, espresso (tea) 159 CZK
Bread 18 CZK
Toast 18 CZK
Croissant 29 CZK
Butter 17 CZK
Jam 22 CZK
Chocollate 26 CZK
Honey 9 CZK

Sweet pancakes

Pancake with maple syrup 79 CZK
Pancake-strawberry jam and whipped cream 84 CZK
Pancake-chocolate 94 CZK
Pancake - banana and chocolate 104 CZK
Pancake-banana, caramel and walnuts 99 CZK
Pancake-forest fruits and sour cream 99 CZK
Pancake-forest fruits and whipped curd 99 CZK
Pancake-raspberry puree and vanilla topping 99 CZK
Pancake-peaches, caramel and sour cream 99 CZK
Pancake - strawberry and mascarpone 104 CZK

Salt pancakes

Pancake-ham, cheese and egg 119 CZK
Pancake-ham, cheese, rucola and tomato 124 CZK
Pancake - dried ham ,rucola and mozzarella 139 CZK
Pancake-camembert, bacon and egg 129 CZK
Pancake-assorted cheeses with walnuts 124 CZK
Pancake-spinach and mozzarella 114 CZK
Pancake-spinach, camembert and egg 124 CZK
Pancake-spinach, ham and egg 119 CZK
Pancake-spinach, chicken and egg 129 CZK
Pancake-spinach and smoked salmon 154 CZK
Pancake-spinach and goat cheese (gorgonzola) 129 CZK

Roll pancakes

Roll panceake-chicken, dried tomato, lettuce and fetta cheese 139 CZK
Roll pancake-parma ham, olive, mozzarella and lettuce 139 CZK


Balkan salad (tomato, peppers, cucumbers, balkan cheese) 77 CZK
Salad with roast goat cheese, cranberry jam and toast 139 CZK
Caesar salad with bacon 134 CZK
Chicken breast added to the salad 40 CZK

Meat dishes

Grilled marinated chicken breast (with salad and dip) 144 CZK


dried ham, mozzarella, dried tomate and rucola 139 CZK
smoked salmon, mayonnaise, egg and lettuce 139 CZK
Club sandwich – chicken breast, egg, bacon, mayonnaise, leaf salad 144 CZK


with rucola, tomatoes, basil and parmesan 134 CZK
with bolognese ragout and parmesan 144 CZK

Ice cream cups

vanilla ice cream with raspberry puree 79 CZK
Yogurt ice cream with forest fruits 79 CZK
vanilla and yogurt ice cream ,strawberry, sour cream 89 CZK
Vanilla ice cream ,banana,walnuts ,chocolate 89 CZK
Ice cream (1 scoop) - vanilla, yogurt 30 CZK


Coffee Illy

Espresso (small) 47 CZK
Espresso Lungo (large) 47 CZK
Espresso Macchiato (espresso with milk foam) 49 CZK
Cappuccino (espresso with whipped milk) 59 CZK
Doppio Espresso (double) 74 CZK
Café latte macchiato (glass of whipped milk with espresso) 62 CZK
Mega Caffé latte macchiato (whipped milk with espresso) 82 CZK
Mega Capuccino (espresso with whipped milk) 82 CZK
Americano (espresso with hot water) 74 CZK
Viennese coffee (espresso, whipped cream) 59 CZK
Caffe Kahlua (cappucino with coffee liquer) 84 CZK
Faux Pas Caffé (orange and coffee liquer, espresso, whipped cream) 92 CZK
Baileys Coffee (espresso with 2 cl Baileys and whipped cream) 84 CZK
Irish coffee (espresso with 2 cl whisky and whipped cream) 84 CZK
Algerian cofee (2 cl brandy, whipped cream) 84 CZK
For additional flavours add (coconut, almond, caramel, nuts) 12 CZK
Whipped cream 12 CZK

Ice coffee

Espresso Fredo (espresso, sugar, ice) 47 CZK
Cappuccino Fredo (espresso, milk, sugar, ice) 59 CZK
Frappe (espresso, milk and sugar) 59 CZK
Ice coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 82 CZK

Warm drinks

Tea "Ronnefeldt" (single tea bag) 47 CZK
Fresh ginger tea 56 CZK
Fresh peppermint tea 56 CZK
Hot chocolate (brown, white) with whipped cream 57 CZK
Mulled wine, Mulled Griotte, Grog 59 CZK
Hot pear with cinnamon 49 CZK
Hot apple with lemon 49 CZK

Soft drinks

Sparkling water 9 CZK
Filtered water 0,5 l 25 CZK
Mattoni Grand (soft sparkling, sparkling) 45 CZK
Aquila (still) 45 CZK
Pepsi,Pepsi light 48 CZK
Mirinda, Canada Dry, Schweppes Tonic 48 CZK
Juice (pear, pineapple, apple ) 45 CZK
Juice Granini (orange, multivitamin, strawberry, peach) 46 CZK
Schweppes Tonic 48 CZK

Fresh juice

Fresh juice (orange, carrot, grapefruit, apple, multivitamin) 200 ml 60 CZK
Fresh juice (orange, carrot, grapefruit, apple, multivitamin) 300 ml 89 CZK

Milk shake

Milk shake (vanilla, banana, forest fruits) 82 CZK

Mixed drinks

Virgin Piňa Colada – alcohol free (coconut syrup, pineapple juice, cream ) 89 CZK
Virgin Mojito – alcohol free (lime, peppermint, sparkling water ) 89 CZK
Mojito (raspberries Mojito) (Havana rum, lime, peppermint, sparkling water) 124 CZK
Piňa Colada (Havana rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, cream ) 104 CZK
Strawberry Daiquiri frouzen (Havana rum, strawberry, ice) 104 CZK
Margarita frouzen (Olmeca Tequila, Cointreau, strawberry, ice) 104 CZK
Cosmopolitan (Finlandia, Cointreau, cranberry juice) 104 CZK
Sex on the beach (Finlandia, peach liquer,pineapple and cranberry juice) 104 CZK
Tequila Sunrise (Olmeca Tequila, orange juice, grenadine) 104 CZK
Aperol Spritz (Aperol, sparkling wine, sparkling water) 99 CZK


Campari 60 CZK
Martini (Dry, Rosso, Bianco) 60 CZK
Porto (Tawny) 50 CZK

Spirits and liqueurs (4 cl)

Becherovka, Slivovice, Fernet Stock 50 CZK
Griotte, Vaječný likér, Tuzemský rum 45 CZK
Havana Club,Finlandia ,Cointreau 65 CZK
Baileys, Beefeater, Grapa, Jägermeister 65 CZK

Whisky and Bourbon (4 cl)

J.W. Red Label, Captain Morgan 65 CZK
Tullamore Dew 65 CZK
Jack Daniels 75 CZK

Cognac and brandy (4 cl)

Metaxa ***** 60 CZK
Courvoisier V.S.O.P. 145 CZK


Pilsner Urquell 0,3 l 39 CZK
Radegast birell (non alcoholic beer) 39 CZK
Pilsner Urguell 0,4l 46 CZK

Wine (0,1 l)

White wine – Fangalo (dry South Africa) 47 CZK
Lambrusco „Emilia“ (white, red) 47 CZK
Rose wine – Fangalo (semi-sweet, South Africa) 47 CZK
Red wine - Fangalo (dry South Africa) 47 CZK

Homemade lemonade

Ice tea with mint and lime, Elderberry drink, raspberry lemonade, Ginger drink with lemon, orangeade 500 ml 72 CZK
Ice tea with mint and lime, Elderberry drink, raspberry lemonade, Ginger drink with lemon, orangeade 300 ml 49 CZK


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Café Faux Pas, Vinohradská ul. 31, Praha 2, Tel: +420 605 374 611.
Open daily: Mon-Fri 08:00 - 21:00, Sat-Sun 09:00 - 20.00.

Café Faux Pas
Vinohradská ul. 31, Praha 2
Tel: +420 605 374 611.

Open daily: Mon-Fri 08:00 - 21:00, Sat-Sun 09:00 - 20.00.

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